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With the help of machines, things are now produced speedily and on large scale.This has helped in reducing the cost of production, the producers and manufactures are able to supply goods to consumers on very cheap  prices. Now a days, even people of very ordinary means can think of enjoying goods and services, which in the past were available only to rich persons. It is because these things are now neither very rare nor very costly. Radios, electric fans, electric irons, sewing machines, synthetic cloth, soap, cosmetics etc., are used even by ordinary persons of society. Thus today, consumers raise their standard of living very easily. This way machines have been of great help to consumers in raising their standard of living. The very high standard of living in the USA, and west European countries is mainly because of extensive use of machines in the productive activity.

production of Standardized Goods  With the help of machines, the goods can be produced, in large quantities, of the same size, shape and quality This means Standardization of products. Standardized goods become very popular in the market. and are purchased by the consumers without any doubt and suspicion, about their quality. The hand made products are never totally identical, as such they cannot enjoy  the advantages of standardization.

More profits to producers  With the use of machines, the producers are able to produce goods on large scale, due to which they reap all the internal and external economies of production, Consequently, goods are produced at very low costs. This makes producers to earn higher margin of profits by the sale of their products. Because  of more profits, the production plan to extend their productive units more and have still greater use of machines.

Increase in Efficiency of Labor  The use of machines had led to large scale production and division of labor. Under the system of division of labor, the workers are required to do only a small art of work and that too with the help of machines. This makes their work smiler and easier, as such, their productive capacity increases more and more. It is because of this very advantage we find the industries having more and more division of labor and the use of machines.

Mobility of Labor  Machines are widely used in large scale industries, As the production processes in different industries are almost similar, the workers can easily shift from one  industry to another, and can operate machines without any difficulty or any new tyre of training. This way machines are helpful in the mobility of labor from one industry to another, Machines have also encouraged geographical mobility of labor. Due to the extensive use of machines, many big industries have been set up in industrial towns. In these industrial towns, thousands of workers come from the neighboring rural areas to get job in big industries. Thus, machines are also responsible for increase in geographical mobility of developed means of transport and communication, Viz, railways and airplanes etc. which are also machines, carry workers of one lace or country to another. This is another way how machines help in increasing the geographical mobility of labor

More Leisure to Workers  Machines are helpful in the production of goods on a very large scale very speedily. As such the workers have to work in factories only for six or eight hours a day. This kind of reduction in the hours of work provides more hours of leisure to the workers. When there were no machines, the craftsmen had to work for unlimited hours to produce sufficient quantity of goods to meet the demand of people, and to earn a fair living for themselves as such they had little hours of leisure..

Intellectual Develoment of Labourers  The use of machines has encouraged division of labor. Due to division of labor, a worker is required to work only in one process of work or on one machine. This type of his continuous work in one field and also the availability of sufficient hours of leisure provide him a scope to think of something new, Which ultimately, leads him to have some invention. Besides, when a worker works on a machine, he needs to keep himself quite attentive and alert ..Thus we see that machines have made the workers disciplined, alert intelligent and creative.

New opportunities of Employment   The use of machines has helped in the proper exploitation of a country's natural resources, This means the opening of new employment opportunities. This has been helpful in providing employment to a large portion of labor force of the country. As the operation of many types of machines is of very simple nature, even physically handicapped and disabled persons can be employed. To work on these machines, women folk and children can also be employed. Thus , we see that machines have been helpful in opening many new opportunities of employment in society.
Thus we see that machines are of great benefits to producers, labourers consumers and to community in general. The extensive use of machinery has been resonsible for raising the standard of living of eole, in general

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